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With over 30 years of experience, our team of professionals at Car Fix Auto Repair have been providing a full-range of automobile services for those in and around El Paso, Texas. We value honesty, integrity, and professional client relationships in all aspects of our business. We provide full service, bumper-to-bumper, high quality work for a great value. 

Auto Repair Service

What We Offer

General auto repair

We offer a full-range of general auto repair services. From tires and engines to internal or external damage, we will get your vehicle up and running properly and efficiently once again.

Fuel System Repair

A fuel injector is a part of the engine in your vehicle that receives and sprays gasoline or diesel into the engine. Fuel injectors are controlled by the computer within your engine to optimize the amount of fuel you are using. We can inspect and repair fuel injectors within your vehicle to ensure an efficient and safe drive.

Electrical & Diagnostics

Have a dashboard light concerning you? We can look at and repair any electrical issues within your vehicle, including processes to ensure your lights, air, and dashboard are working properly.

Belts and hoses

We can inspect or replace any belts and hoses within your vehicle to make sure that nothing gets damaged or caught, and to provide you with a safe and efficient vehicle that you can rely on.

Cooling and Radiator

The radiator in your car acts as a heat exchanger. It transfers heat from the hot coolant that flows through it to the air blown through it by a fan. There are different types of radiators that are made from various materials and processes. We are experienced with every type of radiator, and we will inspect and fix the radiator in your vehicle if necessary.

Transmission Repair & Clutch Replacements

We service, diagnose, and repair any transmission., both manual and automatic. In addition, we also offer clutch replacement services.

Oil change

We can quickly and efficiently provide oil changes and inspect your vehicle to let you know how often you need to come in for an oil change.

Window motor repair or Replacement

Window motors are reversible electric motors that are powered by a switch in your vehicle. This allows your windows to move up and down. If your window motor stops working, we can repair it to reconnect the motor with your window and get it working properly once again.


If you're looking to service your car brakes, Car Fix Auto Repair has you covered. Stop in for a brake inspection or schedule a brake service for your car today. Lifetime warranty included.


If your car is running rough or hesitating, it may be time for a tune-up! Call today to schedule an appointment for our full-service tune-ups and vehicle inspections.

Alternator, Starter, & Battery

Are you in need of an alternator repair? Look no further! We offer a comprehensive electrical check that evaluates the health of your car alternator, your starter, and your battery. We ensure the other electrical components of your vehicle are functioning correctly, for an efficient and cost-effective alternator repair.

And More

In addition to the wide variety of services listed above we have several other services we can provide including gas line flushing, body work, and more. Call to inquire more details and to see if we can help a particular issue you are facing!

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